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News Letter

Back again..,seems like the theme that I am using all over this website.  There used to be a news letter that was updated a little less than it should have been.  I will make this vow to you it will still be updated a little bit less than it should be.  But with that said how are we doing on the lakes lately.  Depending on who you talk to the lakes are either full of fish or they took them all out last week, just before you got here.  Not really the fishing has been great.  A couple of nights ago we were out on Highland in Bridgton and caught a bunch of smallies on crayfish imitations.  I have also been throwing a paddle tail fluke with a weight on the front and not doing all that bad.  As always the Yamamoto's are doing the best followed up by the Yum baits. 

The square billed baits seem to be more effective this year, I have been sitting in twelve feet of water fishing into the drops, they are staging in deeper water lately and the lake temps are rising.   

Welcome back to Unc'L Lunkers!

After a year on the outs without a good website it's good to be back!  We are still the best place in the lakes region for all of your bait and tackle needs.  If you haven't been in for a while you will be amazed at how we much the shop has changed!  Come on down I would love to see you.

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