Fishing in Bridgton

Best fishing in Southern Maine

Welcome to Unc'L Lunkers Bait and Tackle in Bridgton Maine.  We are in the lake region of southern Maine close to North Conway and not far from Sebago Lake to the south.  Don't be fooled by the "lake" region name for the area, we have more lakes than a lot of states right here.  You have to understand that the 'Lakes" region is in our neighoring state.  Sorry we don't advertise for them.  Within ten minutes  of the shop there are at least four good size lakes, four ponds and numerous streams waiting to be fished.  If you wanted to travel a bit more you will find to many lakes to list.  Not to bad for a little corner of the world. 

In addition to that we have Sebago Lake right here in our backdoor.

Species of Fish

Warm Water Fish

The most abundant game fish in these lakes are Largemouth and smallmouth bass.  The biggest largemouth to come out of the states waters was a huge 11lb 10oz lunker out of Moose Pond right up the road from the shop in 1968.  I am sure that the record will be broken with a fish out of our lakes right here.  Personally I have seen fish in the eight pound class, between some of the tournaments and my own experience.  Are they few and far between?  Yes they are but we are fishermen and we have to look for that big one.

The smallmouth are generally between six to eighteen inches with a few lunkers that are over twenty four inches. Once again they don't get that big by being caught a lot.  A fish that is over twelve inches could be over ten years old.  The growth season in Maine is very short they have to grow fast to survive.

The other warm water fish include white and yellow perch, brown bullheads,  sunfish and pickerel.  In some ponds you may also encounter Northern Pike if found please dispatch them and not return them to the water.


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